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Slate Will Last Long and Continue Looking Gorgeous

Slate brings durability and a sense of nature to any installation.

It is important to obtain high quality slate- “discounted” material tends to vary in size, color and shape as well as be more prone to cracking.

When properly maintained, high quality slate can last for decades.

It comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes and shades. From uniform patterns to intricate mosaics of different sizes, as well as a wide range of colors.

Popular sizes include 6x6, 4x4, 2x2, 1x1, borders and moldings.

There are several texture options with slate, including clefted or honed.

Clefted tile keeps its natural cracks and ridges of the stone, which makes for great gripping for wet area floor applications.

Honed slate will be polished down until it has a smooth and even surface.